Colorful Blue (Cb) 1 ltr

Colorful Blue (Cb) 1 ltr

The emotional washing experience with colored car shampoo. Koch-Chemie‘s color concentrate colors Super Foam, Active Foam and other Koch-Chemie shampoos to create an appealing colored foam. 

With the dye solution, the color intensity of the car shampoo can be variably designed according to your own wishes. Koch-Chemie shampoo products retain the extraordinary foam and fragrance characteristics as well as the excellent cleaning performance. Colorful Blue is a 1L colorant concentrate. Suitable for the additivation of 20L shampoo containers.

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    Tjöruhreinsir (Tea) 1ltr/5ltr/10ltr/20ltr

    Tjöruhreinsir (Tea) 1 ltr
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