KC-Refresher Sótthreinsitæki

KC-Refresher Sótthreinsitæki
The KC refresher is a component of an innovative system for sustainable odour elimination without depleting the ozone layer.
By hot spraying the KC-Refresher fluid, the device creates steam in the vehicle interior, the drops of which are so small that they waft through the vehicle interior and create a thick mist. This mist permeates into the corners of the interior and, in particular, into the ventilation system and the air conditioning evaporator and thus removes even the strongest of odours.
Application only takes approx. 20 minutes.
Can also be used in other areas such as in buildings.
Due to the combination of substances and the hot spraying, application is not sensitive to temperature or humidity.
The vehicle can be used shortly after application.
Framboð: Uppselt
Vörunúmer: 999525
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