KCX Innréttinga burstar - 3 stk

The innovative brush set combines the usual high quality of our interior cleaning products with our specially developed brushes for interior cleaning.
The set consists of three brushes, which thanks to their various application possibilities allow uncomplicated cleaning of the vehicle interior.
For the easiest possible handling, the three brushes are colour-coded from each other.
The red brush is ideal for cleaning the sill trims, foot pedals or for other rough work.
The yellow brush is the right choice for finer work, such as cleaning the ventilation grille, and shines here especially due to its finer bristles.
However, when it comes to particularly fine work, such as cleaning displays or piano lacquers, our green brush works with the necessary care due to its particularly fine bristles and thus ensures cleaning without the risk of scratches.
Especially in combination with our products, such as the multi-purpose cleaner, interior cleaning becomes child's play.
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