M15 Pro Mössunarvél

M15 Pro Mössunarvél

1. Powerful Motor: The Maxshine 15mm-orbit 1000W DA polisher offers improved motor efficiency, guaranteeing more power and torque on any surface. This results in an easier detailing process, while achieving a swirl-free and scratch-free finish.

2. Advanced Features: Variable-speed trigger with a locking function.

3. Comfortable and Ergonomic Design: The new version polisher has enlarged rubberized hand and horn grips delivering smooth, comfortable and repeatable results.

4. Perfectly Balanced: The perfect internal balance of the components makes polishing comfortable, with minimal vibration. This ensures the maximal transfer of power to the surface, for unbeatable paint correction and guaranteed superior polishing results.

5. Extra-long & Durable Power Cable: A 4-meter (13") power cable is fitted for free range of motion. The cable is also reinforced at the base of the machine to withstand all of the abuse it is designed to endure.

6. Built to Last: Everything from the electronic speed control dial’s large numbers to the haptic feedback it provides indicates that this machine was designed to run year after year.

Disc Size: 125mm, 5"
Orbit Size: 15mm
Spindle Thread Size: 5/16"-24
Variable 6 Speed Dial
No Load Speed: 2,200 to 5,000/min
Net Weight – 2.3kg (approx)
Supplied with a 125mm(5") backing plate, D-Handle

Key Features:
Heavy Duty 1000w Motor
4-Meter Heavy Duty Cable
U type Handle Hole
Non-Slip Soft Rubber Coated Grip
CNC Machined Counterweight
Switch Self-Locking Button
Quality NSK Bearing Inside
Framboð: Uppselt
Vörunúmer: M15 PRO
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