Svampur - Örtrefja

Svampur - Örtrefja

1. CONVENIENT TO USE With its scientifically studied design and years of testing, these products are the most suited for washing and cleaning the dirtiest areas on a car, no matter the car body or the wheel.
2. ERGONOMICALLY DESIGNED Made of ergonomic materials that won’t hurt your car’s paint or leave any swirls, providing a high-quality user experience
3. HIGH-QUALITY High-density sponge and top class microfiber are strongly bonded to provide excellent durability and excellent foam absorption

Material: 100% Microfiber
Size: 20x16x4cm
Color: Black & White
Quantity: 1pc
Framboð: Til á lager
Vörunúmer: 1120004W
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    Plast Star Siliconfree (Pss) 1ltr/10ltr

    Dekkja og Plastvörn - Premium
    Verð frá €2294,48

    Úðabrúsi, án úðara, 1 ltr

    Úðabrúsi, án úðara, 1 ltr

    Star Spray Úðari án brúsa

    Star Spray Úðari án brúsa

    Þvottahanski - Premium, Hvítur/Rauður